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These Clan Crest Badges are authentic representations taken from the Arms of the Chiefs of the Clans, or the Heads of Considerable Families. Every Clan Chief or Family Head has a Coat of Arms Granted or confirmed by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, and these Arms are matriculated in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.
The Register which was established in 1592 is kept in the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, and is acknowledged as being the most magnificent heraldic manuscript in Europe. Each of the Clan Crest Badge designs has been checked against the Lyon Register and subsequently Approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.
In Ancient times it was the custom for Chiefs to give their followers a metal plate of their crest to wear as a badge to show their clan allegiance, and it was affixed to their clothing by a strap and buckle. When not in use this was coiled round the crest and this convention constitutes the present form of the Clan Crest Badge: the strap and buckle with Chief's motto inscribed thereon denoting a clansman or clanswoman.
Only a Chief, Chieftain or Armiger may wear his Crest Badge without the strap and buckle. Clan Septs and Dependents comprise those who were descended from the Chief through the female line and consequently bore a different surname; and those who sought and obtained the protection of the Clan and became dependents.
Therefore anyone who has an ancestor bearing a Sept name, or of course the Clan name itself, has the privilege of wearing or displaying the Crest Badge, and indeed only they may legitimately wear this authentic Scottish Ancient Device. Because for many years the demand for artifacts bearing Clan Crest Badges has increased greatly we felt it right to make available generally our wide knowledge, as manufacturers, on this subject. So here we have condensed detailed illustrations of the Crest Badges of the main Highland Clans and Considerable Scottish Families.



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