Sgian Dhub

Sgian Dhub is Gaelic for black (dhub) dagger (sgian), as invariably the handle was carved from black bog oak, and more subtly, as the word "black" meant secret or covert as in "blackmarket"; most appropriate for this weapon of last resort which was usually concealed, only to be exhibited in the presence of a host out of courtesy, and thus placed in the wearer's hose in an obvious position




Handmade Sgian Dhub, with Leather case with Horn Handle and Thistle, overall length approx. 8.5", with 3.5" blunt steel blade
£ 66.00
World Wide
£ 55.00

Handmade Staghorn Sgian Dhub, with Leather scabard, stags head, and stainless steel blade, overall length approx. 7.5", with 3.5" blunt steel blade
£ 108.00
World Wide
£ 90.00



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